Our New Discipleship Program at St Mary’s Bletchley

VisionOver the last year there has been a great deal of thought, discussion and prayer about the vision for St Mary’s.  One aspect of this has been how St Mary’s can help church members to deepen their faith and grow as Disciples of Christ.  The result is to begin a new area of ministry that can support and develop members so that they can develop deeper as disciples of Christ, and so carry out the mission for our church.  This new ministry will be led by myself with the support of other people within St Mary’s. The plan is to run a series of courses throughout the year that all members can attend.  For more information about how this will work then please read the following article or read the article in the church Good News magazine next month.

This website will be used to provide information about our discipleship program and provide information and resources that you might want to use.

I am very excited about being asked to lead this new ministry.  I also feel very apprehensive as I will be changing focus from my old role as a Licensed Lay Minister (used to leading and preaching) to focus on leading our discipleship courses.

If you have any questions about the courses, or ideas for future courses, then please let me know.  And of course, please pray that God will bless this new ministry and help us to Be, Grow and Make disciples.

Watch out for more information in the coming weeks.

Andrew Walmsley
Director of Discipleship
Licensed Lay Minister St Mary’s Bletchley


Welcome to the new site

This is the new site that has been set up to support one part of our vision at St Mary’s Bletchley in DEEPENING their faith as members of our church.   The aim of the site is to support the work of Discipleship at St Mary’s.  In particular the Discipleship course that we will run.

Keep checking back or signup to receive notification of when new content has been posted. The site will begin to have new content following our vision evening in September.