Lord’s Prayer

For those people who attended the Prayer course session on the Lord’s Prayer some videos were shown to help explain the prayer.  These were given by John Piper and can be found at:


These were part of John Piper’s ‘Look at the Book’ series of short talks, looking at some aspect of the bible.  These may be useful as a way of reflecting on a topic or bible passage in a different way.  There is also a short article on the theme as well.

Sermon Series available online

At St Mary’s we have been putting the sermons from our morning and evening services online for a while. Many of these sermons are part of a series and will build up to give a good understanding of the topics being studied. As such they are a good way to continue to develop and deepen your faith. If you have not listened to any of these head over to worship.stmarysbletchley.org and click on the sermons menu. From there you can filter to see the sermons have given.

Church History Magazine available online

CHristian History Institute




If like me you are interested in the History of the Church then you might be interested in the Christian History Institute website that has copies of its Christian History magazine. Many copies of these are now available on the website for free and cover a wide range of topics.  Look at the back issues section to get an up to date list.  These magazines can either be read online or downloaded as a PDF to read offline – or if you really wanted, to print out.  Billy GrahamThere are magazines devoted to individuals such as the life of Billy Graham, or topics like the Holy Land.

If you have a browse I am sure there are some interesting things to find, so why not try it out.


Back Copies

Prayer course coming soon


Following on from the two Discipleship courses we have run so far this year, Understanding the Creeds and Pastoral Care, we will be running a course on Prayer.

Watch out for more information about this course and the topics that it will cover.

Creeds course session 3

We have now completed our third session of Understanding The Creeds.  Resources for those attending have been uploaded.  This was an interesting session that looked at two aspects of Jesus.  The first was the question of whether he was ‘Fully human / Fully God’, while the second looked at the virgin birth.

Our first course is due to run in November

Understanding The Creeds

We invite you to join the first of our discipleship courses at St Mary’s as we begin our new program to grow deeper as disciples of Christ.

The first course will look at the Creeds, in particular the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed.  Over five weeks we will explore some of the important questions that Christians should ask about these statements of faith:

  • What are they?
  • Why were they written?
  • What do the statements mean?
  • How can these help deepen my understanding of the Christian faith?
  • How can I use these to help explain what I believe and why?

Through history, theology and personal reflection we will carry out a range of different activities to look more deeply at these early Christian documents.  We will look at what some of these statements mean and how they came about.  Some of these statements in the creeds were there because of controversies and arguments that were happening at the time. By looking at these we will understand more about how the Christian faith helped to define some of the things we believe today.

It is also hoped that the course will help members to grow as Christians and develop a deeper understanding that will help personal faith but will also help to express to others what we as a church believe.

When will it run?
Mondays from 7.45pm to 9.15pm in Church or the Church Hall

Starts November 9th for five weeks.  We feel that this is the right amount of time as we know that many people are also involved in other ministries in church.

Who is it aimed at?
Any members of our church who would like to begin to deepen and grow their understanding of the Christian faith. This is also open to home groups that might want to join the course together and we can always be flexible if those groups want some part of the evening to meet separately.  Just let us know if that’s the case.

To sign up for the course please complete one of the forms on the information desk, or email the church office office@stmarysbletchley.org

If you want to know more then speak to:

Andrew Walmsley
Director of Discipleship